The Raven Books

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Along for the Ride (Matthews Sisters 2)

A Midnight Seduction (MM Presents: All Hallows Eve )

Animal Instinct (Ghost Cats 1)

Ariella's Keeper (Divinity Healers 1)

Arrested Desires

A Silo 1000 Romance (Kindle Worlds, Silo Saga)

Barbarian Prince (Dragon Lords 1) - previously The Barbarian Prince

Recipe for Disaster (AKA Her New Boss) (Matthews Sisters 1)

Call of Temptation (Call of the Lycan 3)

Call of the Lycan - Print Collection/eBundle Collection

Call of the Sea (Call of the Lycan 1)

Call of the Untamed (Call of the Lycan 2)

Captive of the Deep (Lords of the Abyss 3)

Carnal Instinct (Ghost Cats 2)

Christmas Curse (MM Presents)

Commanding the Tides (Lords of the Abyss 2)

Cupid's Enchantment (Naughty Cupid 1)

Cupid's Favor (Naughty Cupid 3)

Cupid's Revenge (Naughty Cupid 2)

Dark Prince (Dragon Lords 3) - previously The Dark Prince

Date with Destiny (Pleasure Series 2)

Degrees of Passion (Matthews Sisters 4)

Diamond (Galaxy Playmates 3)

Emerald Knight

Eternally Bound (Tribes of the Vampire 3)

Everlastingly: A Paranormal Romance

Faery Queen (Realm Immortal 2)

Faire Justice

Fierce Competition

Fighting Lady Jayne (Divinity Warriors 2)

Good with His Hands

His Fire Maiden (Space Lords 2)

(His) Frost Maiden (Space Lords 1)

His Highness the Duke (Dragon Lords 5)

Keeping Paige (Divinity Warriors 3)

King of the Unblessed (Realm Immortal 1)

Last Man on Earth

Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors 1)

Linnea’s Arrangement (Divinity Healers 3)

Lord of Fire Lady of Ice

Lords of the Aybss Trilogy - Print Collection/eBundle Collection

Love Potions (Warlocks MacGregor)

Maiden and the Monster

Mountain's Captive

Naughty Cupid Trilogy - Print Collection/eBundle Collection

Opposites Attract

Perfect Prince (Dragon Lords 2) - previously The Perfect Prince

Phantom of the Night

Pleasure Cruise Trilogy (eBundle Collection)

Pleasure Cruise (Pleasure Series 1)

Pleasure Island (Pleasure Series 3)

Portrait of His Obsession

Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition

Quartz (Galaxy Playmates 2)

Recipe for Disaster (Matthews Sisters 3)

Red Light Specialists (Red Light Specialist 1)

Redeemer of Shadows (Tribes of the Vampire 1)

Rings of Gold (Free Promotional Short Story)

Romancing the Recluse (Stop Dragon My Heart Around)

Sapphire (Galaxy Playmates 1)

Scorched Destiny

Seducing Cecilia (Divinity Healers 2)

Seduction of the Phoenix (Zhang Dynasty 1)

Seize the Hunter (Talons)

Sex in the Office


Stolen Hours (Mammoth Book of Hot Romance Anthology)

Stone Queen (Realm Immortal 3)

Taking Karre (Divinity Warriors 4)

Taming Him

Temptation of the Butterfly (Zhang Dynasty 2)

The Bound Prince (Lords of the Var 3)

The Dragon's Queen (A Prequel Story) (Dragon Lords 9)

The Impatient Lord (Dragon Lords 8)

The Jaded Hunter (Tribes of the Vampire 2)

The Mighty Hunter (Lords of the Abyss 1)

The Mists of Midnight

The Pirate Prince (Lords of the Var 5)

The Playful Prince (Lords of the Var 2)

The Rogue Prince (Lords of the Var 4)

The Reluctant Lord (Dragon Lords 7)

The Savage King (Lords of the Var 1)

The Stubborn Lord (Dragon Lords 6)

The Write Ingredients (Lori Foster Cookbook)

Warrior Prince (Dragon Lords 4) - previously The Warrior Prince

Xena (Galaxy Playmates 4)


Writing As

Erotic Romance - w/a Madelyn Porter

Let the Wild Out

Rite of Passion


Young Adult Titles (Coming Soon)- w/a Naomi Kalling