Book Update for my readers who use Nook

NOOK Readers: You might notice some of my books temporarily going off sale at Barnes and Noble over the next month or so. A few of you even emailed me about some of them, so I thought I’d explain…

This is because they are converting to a new system behind the scenes and, unfortunately, there have been some glitches.

In short, the system won’t let me sync my old account to my new account, even after endless attempts to get customer service answers (that don’t come, or are non-answer that don’t solve what is a very clear issue, rinse repeat, rinse repeat, frustrated author). I hope this lack of answer is because the system is new and they’re very busy.

Because I know I have several dedicated NOOK Readers, I’m going through the process of manually uploading and reformatting my many, many, many backlist books into the new system. This is a long, tedious process that will take some time.

—>*But you my dear readers rawk and you’re worth it! So I don’t mind doing it!* <—

So, please, bear with me and be patient if a book you want is not up on B&N. I promise I’m working as fast as I can to ensure there are minimal delays.

As always, feel free to email if you have questions about one of the titles :)

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