It’s Pillow Baking Weekend!!

It’s our yearly traditional cookie/candy baking weekend at the Pillow house. First, the supplies. Next, super sanitize kitchen for all the prep work for the big baking event tomorrow. (some homemade cookies have to be in the fridge overnight)

It’s the one time people actually beg to get things out of my kitchen. I might not cook, but I can bake. :)

1. White Chocolate Pretzels
2. Lemon Cake Cookies
3. Sugar Cookies
4. Snickerdoodles
5. Chocolate Crinkles
6. Choc Covered Peanut Butter Ritz
7. Chocolate Covered Mixed Nuts
8. Peanut Butter Cookies
9. My secret brownie recipe
10. Choc No Bake Cookies
11. Various other flavored Cake Cookies
12. Gingerbread, maybe
13. Choc Chip
14. Macadamia Nut
15. Shortbread Cookies
16. A couple new recipes – like to try new ones to see if they’re added to the tradition list

It feels like I’m forgetting some… must get out the secret family book to make sure. :) mmmmm

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