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Interested in Reviewing Michelle M. Pillow books?

Interested in Reviewing Michelle M. Pillow books? Please note there are set guidelines for being a Michelle M. Pillow Reviewer that will be strictly enforced. This is NOT just a place to sign up for free books that you may eventually get to. As always, honest reviews only. I also will not be running this […]


Michelle’s big costume reveal!

Michelle’s big costume reveal! Earlier this month we needed your help to decide on Michelle’s Halloween costume. We had 5 costumes for you to choose from: Viking Maiden, Witch, Alien Abductee, Renaissance Princess & Zombie. The results have been tallied and the winning costume has been chosen… VIKING MAIDEN HERE WE HAVE MICHELLE SHOWING HER […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween READERS from Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth (The Raven Books & Raven Happy Hour)


The Hottest Costumes, who’s knockin’…

So who’s knockin’ on your door this Halloween? Attending a few halloween parties this year, I’ve seen the normal group: vampire, witch, serial killer,  doctor, priest, and skeletons. But a few new costumes I ran across deserve an honorable mention: Boobs: this is a fun couples costume. Don’t worry, they are separate and can move about individually. […]


How to find your URL for your Amazon Review

Need to find your Amazon Review URL to turn it in for reviews? Follow these simple steps. 1. Sign in to your Amazon Account and go to “Your Account”> “Account”   2. Go to personalization > Your public Profile   Under your profile picture, go to Activities>Reviews   Find the book you need the link […]


How to Spot a Dragon, holy C*@P!

(To be sung or spoken aloud) When you walk along the ground and above you hear a sound, It’s a dragon? Wings and terror in the air, claws and fangs that rip and tear. It’s a dragon? Scaly hyde just like a snake, with mighty roar the ground will quake. It’s a dragon? Quick, now run! you must […]


Seductive Saturdays- Agro’s Roasted Baudrons W/Roasted vegetables

Hi, everyone! My name is Leah and I’ll be doing Seductive Saturdays. Each Saturday I will be posting a new recipe for you to try out. Some will be Dragon Lords themed. Some not so much. I’m hoping that with my recipes and instructions that maybe Michelle won’t starve or have to beg her readers […]

Michelle’s Book News

Dragon-Shifters: The Dragon’s Queen by Michelle M. Pillow

Dragon Lords: The Dragon’s Queen by Michelle M. Pillow I really loved working on this book. It was fun to do a woman shifter that can take charge of all the alpha men and still maintain all those qualities that make women awesome. *** CATCH UP ON THE SERIES!! – *** Dragon Lords: The […]

One of my favorite book trailers

This is one of my favorite book videos I’ve had done to date. It’s a tongue-in-cheek commercial for Galaxy Brides–the corporation supplying brides to futuristic planets in need of women. The concept comes from my bestselling Dragon-Shifter romances: Dragon Lords. Enjoy! Galaxy Brides: Joining Hearts Across the Universes **Be sure to check out the NEW […]



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