Author Request: Why it’s important to leave reviews for books you like

Author Request
(I’d call it a plea, but I’m trying to look dignified as I beg *insert goofy face here*)

Readers, have you read something of mine you enjoyed? Please consider leaving a (honest) review at the vendor sites to let other readers know–Amazon, B&N, etc…

FAQ: Why it’s important to leave good reviews for books you like: Continue reading

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Author update…been awhile…

Michelle M. Pillow Author update…been awhile…
I’m working my fingers off.

1. A Brand new Dragon Lords spin off.
This one I haven’t even told you all about. But it’s been so OMG FUN to work on. It will appear in the “Taming the Alpha” set I’m doing with several fabulous authors coming end of this year to ebook. So, if you get that set, and if you like the story you HAVE to tell me so I can do more along those lines. No, I’m still not telling you what it is yet. LOL Writer’s gotta keep some mystery.

2. Everlastingly: A Paranormal Romance – this will appear first in a collection with another group of amazing authors this holiday season, and then by itself afterwards. The cover is amazing!

3. Space Lords 2 – Dev’s book

4. Warlocks MacGregor 2 – Iain’s book

5. I really want to write those Lords of the Abyss books you’ve been asking for so fingers crossed everything flows well and I can get here.

Then next on the line up will be more Space Lords stories, Stone Queen’s re-release, Eternally Bound’s re-release, and more Dragon Lords/Vars.

As always, if you want more in a series, be vocal–tell me with reviews, thumbs ups, private emails, posts. I do listen to you. It’s readers who brought Lords of the Abyss back onto my schedule after I wrote it off as finished.

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Present for my readers! $0.00


For a LIMITED time only! (Be sure to double check the price when you get to Amazon’s Site bc I can’t guarantee how long the sale/promotion will last or when you will see this post. Also, I have no control if its offered on Amazon outside the US.)

Frost Maiden by Michelle M. Pillow


Also grab Blaze of Glory by Mandy M. Roth while you’re there! Same deal as my post

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Dragons Everywhere! (NOOK, ARe, iBooks, etc)

August 20, 2014

Dear Readers,

NOOK, ARe, KOBO and other vendors - For those of you looking to purchase books at different vendors, I’m happy to let you know that Dragon Lords 1-4 anniversary editions, and Dragon Lords 8: The Impatient Lord are all out at most vendors (or will be any day now, as it is taking some a little longer than others to show live on their sites).

AUDIO - Dragon Lords 1: Barbarian Prince Anniversary Edition is now in audio format. DL 2-4 is in various stages of production. Want a title of mine in audio? Let me know which one. If it gets enough votes I’ll bump it up on the list. Audio Coming Soon: Good with his Hands, Last Man on Earth, Dragon Lords 2: Perfect Prince

On the Writer’s Desk- Currently, I’m working on the next Warlocks MacGregor story, as well as a new novella secret project I haven’t told you all about, and also more futuristics with a Space Lords story. Yes, I work on multiple things at once.

Upcoming Releases – You can look for Realm Immortal: Faery Queen to re-release soon. I sent this one back to an editor before it’s re-release.

Now at BN NOOK, ARe, iTunes, Page Foundry, and more…

Dragon Lords 1-4 Revised Expanded Anniversary editions

 Dragon Lords 1: Barbarian Prince

The Barbarian Prince

 Dragon Lords 2:  Perfect Prince

Continue reading

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Bestie Mandy Roth has a new book and he’s mine. MINE.

WHOO HOO! Look what released from bestie, Mandy M. Roth!

Now Available! A View to a Kill (King of Prey 2)

Amazon US:

Nook link coming soon.

A trained assassin…a man even the deadliest of warriors fear. To cross him is foolish. To steal his heart is pure madness. Continue reading

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Stomp vs. Romp – Come on you ROMP Romance readers!

OK Romance fans. Now’s your chance to vote for Team ROMP! I mean, you DO LOVE the MACGREGOR men don’t you? (((KILTS))). Sexy. What is not to vote for?

VOTING: On the right side of the post toward the top. Go Team ROMP!

But, if you’re a stomper and vote for Jennifer Estep I guess I’ll still like you. Action’s pretty cool, too

Stomp vs Romp
All in good fun:

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The Dragon’s Queen – #1 Best Seller Sci Fi Romance

Thanks readers for making The Dragon’s Queen #1 !

Dragons Queen 1

Dragons Queen

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SQUEE* Not even a full day & Dragon’s Queen release is #2 Sci-fi Romance

SWEET!  *SQUEE* Not even a full day and The Dragon’s Queen release is at #2 Romance > Science Fiction

Futuristic Dragonshifting Romance

Futuristic Dragonshifting Romance

The Book:

#2 in Books > Romance > Science Fiction
#4 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Science Fiction
#51 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters


The Me:
Amazon Author Rank
#12 in Books > Romance > Paranormal
#81 in Kindle eBooks > Romance
#86 in Books > Romance

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The Dragon’s Queen – Brand New Dragon Lords — Michelle M. Pillow Newsletter: August 2014

August 2014

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to announce a brand new, never been published Dragon Lord’s story, The Dragon’s Queen (Release: Aug 2, 2014). I love this one and I *really-really* hope everyone else loves it too.

Did I mention she’s the only dragonshifting female on the planet? I know a lot of readers have emailed me since the first book released 10 years ago asking if that made her special–now you can find out! :)

Then you can stay up all night reading it and post reviews so I can stop pacing the floors.

If you’ve already preordered it and reposted the link around to your friends–THANK YOU!! That’s why my readers are so awesome! Word of mouth is still the best way for people to know about my books.

Your opinions are important! I really hope you’ll all go leave reviews and let me know what you think. I’m waiting for feedback before I start the next book to see where we go next.

Thank you, dear, awesome readers, for standing by this series and demanding more. I love working in the dragonshifting world and am so excited you all enjoy playing there with me.

Happy Reading!


Find me online: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / *NEW* Google+ Official Author Page

In this newsletter: The Dragon’s Queen (Dragon Lords), New Audio Book, Dragon Lord Anniversary Editions


The Dragon’s Queen (Dragon Lords)

The Dragon's Queen by Michelle M. Pillow
Mede of the Draig knows three things for a fact: As the only female dragon shifter of her people, she is special. She can kick the backside of any man. And she absolutely doesn’t want to marry.

Mede has spent a lifetime trying to prove herself as strong as any male warrior. Unfortunately, being the special, rare creature she is, she’s been claimed as the future bride to nearly three dozen Draig—each one confident that when they come for her hand in marriage fate will choose them. When the men aren’t bragging about how they’re going to marry her, they’re acting like she’s a delicate rare flower in need of their protection.

She is far from a shrinking solarflower.

Prince Llyr of the Draig knows four things for a fact: He is the future king of the dragon shifters. He must act honorably in all ways. He absolutely, positively is meant to marry Lady Mede. And she dead set against marriage.

Llyr’s fate rests in the hands of a woman determined not to have any man. With a new threat emerging amongst their cat shifting neighbors, a threat whose eyes are focused firmly on Mede, time may be running out. It is up to him to convince her to be his dragon queen.

Release: Aug 2, 2014

In Print
Print Version(US) // Print Version(ALL)

In Kindle
Kindle Version(US) // Kindle Version(ALL)

Continue reading

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Just Released: Administrative Control (Immortal Ops 6)

I LOVE THIS SERIES! Mandy Roth just published a new Immortal Ops book. Be sure to check it out. And then, when you email her cause you love it, be sure to slip in there that you want Kerrigan and Michelle to have a story. But don’t tell her I said to say that.

Just Released!
Administrative Control (Immortal Ops Book 6) by Mandy M. Roth

No one knows just how powerful Colonel Asher Brooks is. It’s a secret he’s fond of keeping. As point person for the Immortal Ops, he has seen just about everything the supernatural community has to offer. That is, until he arrives on the docks in Seattle to find a mess his men didn’t make. Something big is going down there and it means business. His concern is for Jinx, a leggy redheaded succubus who calls the area home. He’s spent centuries denying what he knows to be true, thinking he’s keeping his woman safe and that it’s for the best.

When Jinx calls to tell him she has information for him, he worries the woman who drives him mad with lust might be in danger. He’ll do anything to protect her, even if that means claiming her for his own, whether she’s up for being claimed or not.

Book intended for mature audiences.

Amazon Exclusive!

Ebook Links:
Print Book Link:

ISBN-10: 1500569402
ISBN-13: 978-1500569402

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Author Update for Michelle M. Pillow

Author Update for Michelle M. Pillow

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t done an author update for awhile. lol Thanks for keeping me on track, readers.

Working on book 2 of the Warlocks MacGregor right now.

Audio for Dragon Lords 1 just released. Book 2 audio coming soon. Book 3 and 4 are in pre production.

Yes. There will be more Space Lords (part of the Dragon Lords) books. Those are up next.

And gearing up for The Dragon’s Queen release Aug 2. Actually nervously trying not to think about it. lol

I’msure there is more…but it’s late.

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