Author Request: Why it’s important to leave reviews for books you like

Author Request
(I’d call it a plea, but I’m trying to look dignified as I beg *insert goofy face here*)

Readers, have you read something of mine you enjoyed? Please consider leaving a (honest) review at the vendor sites to let other readers know–Amazon, B&N, etc…

FAQ: Why it’s important to leave good reviews for books you like: [Read more...]

FAQ: Lords of the Abyss – How can you say that you were finished with the series when there are still so many stories to tell?

FAQ: Lords of the Abyss – How can you say that you were finished with the series when there are still so many stories to tell?

Simple answer. A book series has to sell well to justify it’s existence in a working author’s schedule. If it doesn’t, I’ll work on the series that are.

If a book or series’ sales are not there, the series gets discontinued. At the time, at the publisher it was with, the sales were not there to justify the money and time investment into producing more. I had to focus my attention on the books readers seemed to want at the time (no matter how much I love the series). One of the biggest indications of what readers want is the sales numbers. That’s where buying the book when it releases and leaving reviews comes in.

It first came out in March 2006. I had even tried to revive a few years back by putting out book three after I got the rights back to books 1-2. Readers found it 8 years later (2014) in the box set, and started asking for it. Reader requests are the only reason it was put back on my schedule. :)

I’m hoping that a new one will release 2015. If it does well, I’ll write several more. If not, it was fun while it lasted. (Of course, I really hope it does well, lol).

Author update…been awhile…

Michelle M. Pillow Author update…been awhile…
I’m working my fingers off.

1. A Brand new Dragon Lords spin off.
This one I haven’t even told you all about. But it’s been so OMG FUN to work on. It will appear in the “Taming the Alpha” set I’m doing with several fabulous authors coming end of this year to ebook. So, if you get that set, and if you like the story you HAVE to tell me so I can do more along those lines. No, I’m still not telling you what it is yet. LOL Writer’s gotta keep some mystery.

2. Everlastingly: A Paranormal Romance – this will appear first in a collection with another group of amazing authors this holiday season, and then by itself afterwards. The cover is amazing!

3. Space Lords 2 – Dev’s book

4. Warlocks MacGregor 2 – Iain’s book

5. I really want to write those Lords of the Abyss books you’ve been asking for so fingers crossed everything flows well and I can get here.

Then next on the line up will be more Space Lords stories, Stone Queen’s re-release, Eternally Bound’s re-release, and more Dragon Lords/Vars.

As always, if you want more in a series, be vocal–tell me with reviews, thumbs ups, private emails, posts. I do listen to you. It’s readers who brought Lords of the Abyss back onto my schedule after I wrote it off as finished.

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