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Interested in Reviewing Michelle M. Pillow books?

Interested in Reviewing Michelle M. Pillow books? Please note there are set guidelines for being a Michelle M. Pillow Reviewer that will be strictly enforced. This is NOT just a place to sign up for free books that you may eventually get to. As always, honest reviews only. I also will not be running this […]

What Costume not to wear

What costume Not to Wear? YOU get to help Michelle decide!

Michelle is so confused, she doesn’t know what to wear for Halloween? So, I suggested ( a hem, physically forced her against her will) to allow her fans to make the decision for her. We, the people, fans and Pillow Fighters unite! And decide What costume NOT to wear. So we have a poll on […]


Online Love – Readers, your thoughts?

  As a romance writer, I think about romance, dating, and love quite a bit–I know, rough life, right? LOL I will be the first to admit dating in your 30s is rough. Most of the dating pool has already settled, or they come carrying baggage from their ex lives that creates obstacles/drama. For others, […]


History of the Pillow, Not always a softie.

History of the pillow? Come on, if you’re like me you love these tidbits of random information based on fact or whatever I can Google from Wikipedia. Now, for the men reading this, at no time will we be heading off on a side tangent covering pillow fighting and scantily clad women, sorry but no. […]

Michelle’s Book News

One of my favorite book trailers

This is one of my favorite book videos I’ve had done to date. It’s a tongue-in-cheek commercial for Galaxy Brides–the corporation supplying brides to futuristic planets in need of women. The concept comes from my bestselling Dragon-Shifter romances: Dragon Lords. Enjoy! Galaxy Brides: Joining Hearts Across the Universes **Be sure to check out the NEW […]



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